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The Arizona Wildlife Federation Denounces the RETURN Act

July 27, 2022 1:32 PM | Anonymous

The recent introduction of the RETURN Act has enraged sportsmen and women who proudly contribute to wildlife conservation in Arizona through  an excise tax on their purchases of guns, ammunition, and hunting  equipment. 

The RETURN Act would repeal the Pittman-Robertson Act which has been  universally celebrated for its outstanding contributions to conservation by  the sporting community, conservation organizations, and the outdoor  recreation and firearms industry. Last year alone, the program provided  $1.5 billion in funding to state wildlife agencies for game management,  hunter education, and shooting range safety programs.  

For over 85 years, Pittman-Robertson has stood strong as a universally  upheld, non-controversial, and common-sense policy that supports the  shared and nonpartisan values of wildlife conservation and outdoor  recreation. 

“Most hunters recognize that without conservation there’s no hunting and  they are proud to support conservation through gun and ammunition purchases”, said Colin Shepard, Area Chairmen of Scottsdale Ducks  Unlimited. 

Unfortunately, the RETURN Act, introduced by Rep Andrew Clyde (GA-R)  and supported by Arizona Representatives: Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, and  Debby Lesko, is aimed at dismantling this almost century long wildlife  funding success story.  

“I suspect the legislators that are supporting the RETURN Act might not  recognize the long-standing history and the unintended consequences for  the state game and fish departments and those who enjoy our outdoor resources”, said Steve Clark, Executive Director of the Arizona Elk Society.  “I hope they get educated before they vote.” 

The Arizona Wildlife Federation stands with sporting and conservation  organizations across the country, and with the National Wildlife Federation,  in calling for members of congress to reject the RETURN Act.

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