Recovering America's Wildlife Act

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Dear Senator,

Our organization collectively represents more than six million wildlife conservationists across the nation. We encompass a broad coalition of Americans who cherish our nation’s diverse array of fish and wildlife. With the passage of the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2), that includes the Recovering Americas Wildlife Act, by the U.S. House of Representatives we urge you to follow suit and vote to pass this important legislation in the Senate.

The crisis facing our nation’s fish and wildlife is daunting. More than one-third of all species in the United States are at risk of becoming threatened or endangered unless we proactively implement on-the-ground conservation measures. It costs the American public hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars each year to recover threatened or endangered species, costs that could be avoided or greatly reduced if we prevent fish and wildlife from needing these “emergency room” measures.

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act is built upon the premise that the best way to save America’s wildlife is through collaborative, proactive, voluntary work before species are in trouble.

Our nation has a remarkable history of coming together to bring species back from the brink of extinction by funding professional, science-driven fish and wildlife management. Eighty years ago, prized game species like elk, wood ducks, wild turkeys, and trout were at the cusp of being lost forever. Instead, hunters and anglers came together to leverage user fees for game species conservation because they understood that preserving wildlife takes coordinated, consistent investment in collaborative conservation.

It will take a similar vision and effort to address the escalating problems facing our fish and wildlife in the 21st century. The Recovering America’ s Wildlife Act presents a solution that meets the magnitude of the challenge, and would represent the largest investment in conservation funding in more than a generation. Importantly, it will help ensure that future generations can enjoy the same abundant fish, wildlife, and outdoor recreation opportunities we have today. We urge you to support and vote in favor of the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2).

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