We offer year around education programs across the state to engage our diverse supporters and help them protect wildlife, connect with legislators, gain outdoors skills, and participate in conservation projects.

Never donated or taken action online? Don’t worry - anyone passionate about Arizona’s wildlife is welcome to partake in our programs. No experience necessary!

Becoming An Outdoors-Woman

BOW is a hands-on workshop for women 18 and older at all experience levels and fitness levels. Participants learn skills such as gun safety, shooting, angling, camping, Dutch-oven cooking, map and compass reading, rappelling, geocaching, and marksmanship with rifle and bow. BOW workshops build confidence for outdoor skills and camaraderie with fun and safe experiences.


The Arizona Wildlife Federation is teaming with the National Wildlife Federation to certify YOUR "garden for wildlife" habitat. With NWF's Certified Wildlife Habitat program, folks are encouraged to plant native shrubs, flowers, and trees that produce berries, seeds, and sap, to create an Eco-friendly environment for birds and wildlife. We provide you with the checklist and ideas you’ll need to get started!


Eco-Schools is an environmental education program that engages students in authentic learning experiences and provides educators with the tools and framework to make positive, lasting changes in their school communities. Through the Eco-Schools program, AWF, in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), is helping schools throughout Arizona to incorporate conservation education into their curricula.


Early Childhood Health Outdoors (ECHO) helps early childcare organizations integrate nature play and learning into their programs by enhancing their outdoor spaces, implementing nature play activities, and training childcare workers. AWF works with selected sites around the state to help create quality outdoor learning environments, and provide access and opportunities for young children to play in nature.

Ranger Rick (for kids 0-15!)

The National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick magazine is a wildlife and nature-themed publication that engages every level of childhood development and creates new, fun ways for the whole family to discover and enjoy the great outdoors. Ranger Rick magazines help develop the love of wildlife and public lands in your children - plus, it gives them an engaging break from screen time! Because AWF receives 50% of subscription proceeds, you can support the work we do everyday to protect the very animals your children will be reading about!

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