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Are you an avid outdoors(wo)men? Do you enjoy seeing picture perfect wildlife and landscapes of Arizona? Do you find yourself taking out your camera for every one of these impressive sites? Then this photo contest is for you! Join AWF’s very 1st Wildlife & Landscape Photo Contest for a chance to win AWF Gear!

Uranium Mining and the Grand Canyon

Foreign mining companies lobby to increase uranium mining while hundreds of mines continue to contaminate soil and water in north….

Climate Action for Wildlife

Today, hunters and anglers are on the front lines of climate change. Climate change poses an immediate and specific threat to hunting…


Our forefathers left future generations of Americans a wonderful  gift of public lands.  In Arizona we are fortunate enough to have 28 million acres where…

Land and Water Conservation Fund

LWCF has almost certainly funded something that you personally enjoy—whether it’s tennis court lights at a local park, maintenance of a hik…

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You can help AWF’s efforts by taking specific action on the following issues:

Protect Your

Uranium mining in the Grand Canyon watershed threatens wildlife, water, and human safety. Help AWF keep uranium mining out of the Grand Canyon by sending a message to Secretary Zinke.

Climate Action for

Help AWF support wildlife and habitat resilience as climate change increases environmental stressors on our wildlife.


Land and Water Conservation Fund

Show your support for the LWCF by sending a letter to Congress. AWF will help you by providing contact information and a sample letter.


Our Affiliates 

Working together, the AWF and affiliated organizations are better able to address the various conservation concerns that we have in common. This close association allows our voices to be combined on issues and amplifies our messages which reach local, national, and state levels.

Arizona Antelope Foundation
Yuma Rod & Gun Club
Arizona Predator Callers
AZ Council of Trout Unlimited
Quail Forever
Verde NRCD
National Wild Turkey Federation
Arizona Mule Deer Organization
The Safari Club
National Wildlife Federation
Trout Unlimited

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