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I am writing to urge you to vote AGAINST HB2092 and S1046—both of which violate private property rights, add unnecessary state government oversight, and ultimately limit access to hiking, camping and hunting on Arizona’s public lands.

Rep. Mark Finchem and Senator Sonny Borrelli have introduced identical pieces of legislation that would prohibit the sale, gifting or granting of land to the federal government. They argue that federal lands deprive the state of property tax dollars, but they are ignoring the economic benefit of public lands in our state as well as how those lands improve our quality of life.

As an example, ET Ranch near Safford was purchased by the BLM in 2017. The BLM then established a trailhead, parking, and signage to provide better access for hunting and outdoor recreation to over 30,000 acres in the Santa Theresa and North Santa Theresa Wilderness areas. The lost tax revenue from the ET Ranch was less than $95/year--which of course is absolutely dwarfed by the economic benefits of increased outdoor recreation in the local area. Under the Finchem/Borelli bills, this great success story would have been illegal.

Federal lands bring our state, our local businesses, and our citizens billions of dollars every year. In Arizona, the outdoor recreation industry generates over $21 billion in consumer spending and employs over 200,000 – generating nearly $6 billion in wages, and contributing nearly $1.5 billion in state and local taxes. Ignoring this massive contribution to our economy is deceptive and irresponsible.

In Governor Ducey’s State of the State address he said, “We believe government should do fewer things but do the things it does well. Let’s continue hacking away at the permanent bureaucracy and the ‘mother may I’ state. The people don’t need the government’s permission -- the government needs the people’s permission.”

Arizona Legislators Finchem and Borrelli clearly are not listening to the Governor or to the citizens of Arizona, and most definitely those who cherish outdoor recreation in our state. This legislation is bad for Arizona. Please vote AGAINST HB2092 and S1046, and tell Representatives Finchem and Borelli that we’re tired of their attacks on public lands.

Thank you.

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