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Sign on urging Arizona Senators to reject the nomination of William Perry Pendley for

Director of the Bureau of Land Management

Our public lands are uniquely part of our national identity. Nowhere else in the world do the people have a birthright to such wealth regardless of their social status or their bank accounts. In Arizona, we are blessed with over 30 million acres of public lands that host an amazing diversity of habitats and wildlife. These lands provide a vast array of uses from timber harvest and cattle grazing to countless recreational activities such as camping, hiking, wildlife watching, hunting, and fishing. William Perry Pendley puts these lands and all they provide us at direct risk.

Join our movement to protect Arizona’s outdoor recreation economy


The Modernizing Access to Public Lands Act was introduced by Arizona’s own Senator Martha McSally and Senator Angus King (I-ME) to direct federal land management agencies to digitize and standardize their mapping records so that:

  • Hunters, anglers, and millions of other Americans can use modern technology to reference essential information about public land access opportunities
  • Land management agencies can fulfill their mission to identify public lands with limited or nonexistent public access, and take proactive steps in cooperation with private landowners to open those lands to the public

It’s time to use modern technologies to enhance outdoor recreation on public lands. It’ll benefit those who recreate and the businesses that supply them, like yours. You can read more about the bill here, then join other outdoor recreation businesses from across the country voicing their support of this common sense bill. Read the sign on letter here and then add your name TODAY!

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