Take Action on Bad Public Lands Bills

Once again, our public lands are under attack. Several bills have been introduced at the Arizona State Legislature which would increase mining near the Grand Canyon, strip private property owners of their rights, and limit the ability to protect our public lands and water. Collectively, these bills represent a misguided attempt to establish a false foundation for the state to take over federal public lands, which will ultimately restrict access for hunting, fishing and camping, and hiking.

Two bills (HB2092 and S1046) would require any land sale to the U.S. Government, for any purpose, to be approved by the Arizona state legislature. Another bill (HB2252) would nullify all prior protections on federal lands. Two resolutions (HCR 2022 and HCR2015) call on the State Attorney General and Secretary of State to open the Grand Canyon to uranium mining and oppose any federal landholdings in Arizona. These pieces of legislation are unconstitutional, violate private property rights, add unnecessary state bureaucracy, and are a waste of taxpayer money. Most importantly, they would limit access to the public lands that we cherish.

We have squelched these attempts to take over public lands in the past and we must fight this battle again. You can help! Take action and let your legislators know that these bills are a bad idea for Arizonans and Arizona wildlife!

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