Uranium Mining and the Grand Canyon

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In 2012 the Department of Interior issued a “time-out” on uranium mining near the Grand Canyon in order to study the impacts of uranium mining on the water, wildlife and habitat of the region. We now urge you to make this moratorium permanent as described by the Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act.

Uranium mining poses a serious risk to wildlife, to the people who live in the region, as well as those who enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking and camping there. Water in this area is scarce and small seeps and streams that are not visibly connected on the surface provide conduits for contamination to locations far from the original source. Since the original 20 year ban, established in 2012, nothing has been done to clean up the more than 500 contaminated mines in the region, new instances of uranium contamination from existing mines has occurred, and funding for the originally intended studies has been cut. At the same time, foreign owned mining interests continue to lobby the Department of Interior and Department of Commerce to re-open the area to new mining. It’s time to stop gambling with the future of the Grand Canyon region.

The Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act is a mining moratorium only, and would not limit other uses including hunting, fishing, timber, grazing, or even other less risky mining activities. As sportsmen we value multi-use of our public lands and insist on practical and science-based approaches to managing our natural resources.

Hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts come from a broad range of backgrounds across the political spectrum. One thing that ties us all together, a truly American ideal, is the conservation of wildlife and wild-places. Wildlife, fisheries, and the water that supports us are not partisan issues. This mining withdrawal is a responsible approach based on science and with a vision for the future. Uranium mining near the Grand Canyon is unacceptable given the best science available and the known risks to our natural resources, the economy of Northern Arizona, and the communities that depend on Colorado River water.

We urge you to support the permanent mineral withdrawal proposed in the Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act and protect the water and habitat of this critical landscape.

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