The AWF Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and protect wildlife and wildlife habitat.

AWF is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and assisting individuals and organizations to value, conserve, enhance, manage, and protect wildlife and wildlife habitat.

The AWF is a statewide association of people interested in the present and future well-being of Arizona’s wildlife, wildlife habitat and natural systems.

We believe our wildlife heritage should not be jeopardized by any activity that fails to ensure its long-term health and sustainability.
AWF Objectives:

From the outset of the organization, AWF’s primary goal has been the establishment and maintenance of a Commission/Department form of wildlife administration, free of political influence.  We continue to work with the Arizona Game and Fish Department and Commissioners to assure that science-based best practices are used in the management of wildlife and habitat in Arizona.

Continuing objectives include:

  • Promoting legislation dealing with conservation of our natural resources, the protection of the rights of Arizona outdoorsmen, and the improvement of outdoor recreation.
  • Vigorous and impartial support of enforcement of all state and federal conservation, game and and fish laws.
  • Encouraging conservation education in our schools.
  • Promoting maximum outdoor recreation, including hunting and fishing, through scientific principles and the practice of multiple use of the public lands of Arizona

If you would like a copy of AWF Year Strategic Plan you can download it below: