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Urge Senators to Reject Pendley Appointment

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Letter to be sent:

Dear Senators Sinema and McSally,

William Perry Pendley is a direct threat to our public lands and needs to have a confirmation hearing before he is allowed to permanently damage what belongs to every American.

Our public lands, those lands that every American citizen owns, are uniquely part of our national identity. Nowhere else in the world do the people have a birthright to such wealth regardless of their social status or their bank accounts. In Arizona, we are blessed with over 30 million acres of public lands that host an amazing diversity of habitats and wildlife. These lands provide a vast array of uses from timber harvest and cattle grazing to countless recreational activities such as camping, hiking, wildlife watching, hunting, and fishing. William Perry Pendley’s appointment as the ‘Acting’ Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) puts these lands and all they provide at direct risk.

Mr. Pendley, a self-labeled “Sagebrush Rebel,” has a long and hostile history of advocating for the sale and transfer of our federal lands, and his anti-public lands rhetoric is in direct opposition to the BLM’s mission of a balanced approach to land management. In his role as president of the Mountain States Legal Foundation, Pendley repeatedly sued the agency and attacked it in public comments and books. Now, as the Acting Director of that same agency, he is in a position to damage and dismantle the agency from within.

Our public lands provide clean air and water, provide limitless recreational opportunities, support industries, and put food on our tables. These lands belong to all American citizens and deserve to be managed and protected for the American people, not sold off to, or stripped of their resources by, the highest bidders. William Perry Pendley does not share these values and is the wrong person to lead the BLM.

I urge you to reject Mr. Pendley’s appointment and call for a full Senate confirmation hearing.

Thank you.

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