Arizona’s diverse public lands, and the wildlife they support, are an integral part of our state’s identity and outdoor heritage. We must all work to conserve them for future generations.

Learn about our key issues below or scroll down to see how you can take Action Through Advocacy now and in the future. 

Image by George Andrejko for the Arizona Game and Fish Department


From big game hunters to bird-watchers, Arizonans love our state’s incredible and unique wildlife. Our wildlife are key to our Western way of life and we work hard to protect them so the next generation can enjoy them too. If we value Arizona’s wildlife, we must ensure they have access to the habitats and resources that allow them to thrive. That’s why we practice and support  science-based decision making in wildlife policy and management. 


Arizona is blessed with over 30 million acres of public lands – yes, those are YOUR lands to enjoy! Since 1923, AWF has been deeply rooted in bringing together diverse communities and stakeholders to find uniquely Arizonan solutions for our public lands and the wildlife that rely on them. There’s still more to do, like protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining or protecting the habitats of endangered animals, like the Black-Footed Ferret. Fortunately, more and more Arizonans are coming together to promote conservation of and access to our public lands.


Climate change is no longer a far off problem that the next generation will deal with. We are dealing with the consequences of it right now in our own backyards – crippling drought, dangerous wildfires, and deadly heat waves. It’s impacting our wildlife, economy, and the way of life in our state. From the Apache trout to the Mount Graham red squirrel, Arizona’s wildlife are at the frontlines of the biggest challenge of a generation.



When we put our voices together, decision makers listen. That’s why we ask you to take action on key issues by signing petitions, sending emails to decision makers, calling them, or tagging them on social media, etc. Read about our current campaigns above and learn how you can take action on each to make a big difference for Arizona’s wildlife. 



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