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  August 2020 eNews

Summer's at its peak and AWF continues to celebrate and preserve our public lands. In this issue, we ask you again to continue to speak out against William Perry Pendley's nomination to head the Bureau of Land Management. At the same time, we celebrate our win with the Great American Outdoors Act becoming law. This is the final month to enter our calendar contest--we need your entries. And lastly, an article to get you pumped up for dove season.

Take a Stand on Public Lands

William Perry Pendley has been officially nominated for the role of Director of the Bureau of Land Management. Whether you hunt, hike, or camp, Mr. Pendley’s checkered past and extremist attitude towards our public lands makes him the wrong person for the job. Please take a moment to click the button below and send our (or your own personalized) letter to Sen. Martha McSally and Sen. Krysten Sinema and tell them to vote NO on this inappropriate nomination.

Mr. Pendley’s anti public lands rhetoric is in direct opposition to the BLM’s balanced approach to land management. In his role as president of the Mountain States Legal Foundation, he repeatedly sued the agency and attacked it in public comments and books. As the Director of that same agency, he will be in a position to damage and dismantle the agency from within.

Our public lands provide clean air and water, provide limitless recreational opportunities, support industries, and put food on our tables. These lands belong to all American citizens and deserve to be managed and protected for the American people, not sold off to, or stripped of their resources by, the highest bidders. William Perry Pendley does not share these values and is the wrong person to lead the BLM.  

Click here to tell the Senate that Pendley is not the right choice for public lands.

The New Law of the Land

What a summer it has been for the Land and Water Conservation Fund! In these difficult times, Americans expressed how vital public lands are to our health and happiness. Passed in the Senate and House with overwhelming bipartisan support and signed by President Trump this week, the Great American Outdoors Act will provide financial support to our public lands for years to come. AWF worked hard for this win. With our many partners, and you, we sent letters and met with Arizona officials on both sides of the aisle, keeping up a steady drumbeat to make this win.

Arizona Wildlife Federation Calendar Contest!


These are the final weeks of our calendar contest. Do you have great photos of wildlife, wildlife habitat, recreating on or conserving public lands? If so, enter our calendar contest! Click the button below for the contest rules and how to enter your photos.

Click here to enter!

Itching to Hunt: Dove Season

For many hunters across the country, the first day of September marks the beginning of their sporting season. In the midst of a long hot summer when August finally rolls around, the thought of the hunting season being only a month away is enough to bring the sportsmen great relief and excitement. I’m no exception to this. While I immensely enjoy waning away the summer month exploring streams with a fly rod in hand, I can’t help that my thoughts turn to ideas of cool crisp mornings, the smell of spent shotgun shells, and the excitement, and frustration, of pass-shooting doves. ...

No essay on doves would be complete without mention of the fine eating they provide. As much as hunters look forward to the hunting of doves come the first of September, many, like me, are just as excited about their first batch of dove poppers. This dish is likely the most commonly prepared dove dish across our country. A fillet of dove breast, nestled in a jalapeno, filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and cooked on an outdoor grill. Who wouldn’t look forward to that?

Read the full article here

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