Do you have great photos of

wildlife, wildlife habitats, recreating, and conserving public lands? 

If so, enter our calendar contest!

Winning photos will be featured in AWF’s 2021 Wildlife and Conservation Calendar. 

The winners will be selected by a panel of judges from AWF.

Contest rules:

·       A separate entry form must be completed for each photo entered.

·       Photographers are welcome to submit up to 5 photos per category. Please do not submit multiple variations of the same photo within the same category.

·       Youth are welcome to submit for any category but only youth can submit for the youth category. Parental release required and provided below.

·       Photos that include identifiable people must be accompanied by model release provided below. Persons photographed will not be identified.

·       Photo must have been taken in Arizona.

·       No text or borders. No watermarks or photographer signatures. Wildlife meme category submissions are welcome to include text, watermarks and borders but no photo signatures.

·       Editing and artistry (ie. photo-shopping) is acceptable but the image must be a photograph.

·       Submit photos of the highest quality. Submit your best shots: in focus, reduce background distractions, good composition, tells a story.

·       Submit the highest resolution. Photos of less than 1 MB in resolution will not be accepted.

·       Wildlife includes all species native to Arizona including insects, birds, mammals, herps. 

·       Follow the laws for wildlife interaction in AZ—photos that depict unlawful interaction with wildlife such as handling, harassing or feeding of wildlife outside of legal take, science and conservation projects will not be chosen.

·       Every photographer whose photograph is featured in the final calendar will receive one calendar gratis. No other prizes offered. No fees to enter. 

·       No trademarked items except AWF and its affiliate partners and programs.

·       Digital entries only.

·       Entrants retain ownership and all other rights to future use of the photographs they enter except for the following: Your entry to the contest constitutes your agreement to allow your entered photographs to be published in the AWF calendar, the AWF website and social media, and you grant to NWF and its licensees the perpetual, worldwide non-exclusive license to reproduce, distribute, display and create derivative works of the entry in any media now or hereafter known. We reserve the right to use your photos until you rescind that right in writing.


    • Submission due by August 31st
    • Sept 1: Photos chosen, photographers notified
    • Oct 1: Pre-order opens
    • Thanksgiving: Calendars shipped to all pre-orders
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